Information for Owners

Apartments in New York offers apartments for short term rentals in Manhattan. We help apartment owners profit from the vast amount of yearly visitors, whether for tourism or business, to the Big Apple!

We act as an European based reservation agent and obtain bookings for your property. The client will not only make the reservations through us, but we will also answer any questions or doubts they may have. We take this out of your hands!

Service and booking fees are charged to the guests upfront.

The owner’s responsibilities:

  1. to honor the confirmed bookings,
  2. to maintain the availability calendar in our system updated,
  3. to respond the same day to our booking requests, and
  4. the logistics of the unit’s cleaning and check in/check out.

Note: If the owner does not want to be directly involved in all this, we will shortly be able to offer this additional service, either directly or indirectly.

The steps to be able to list an apartment:

  1. an apartment visit, which involves taking photos of the unit and reviewing, understanding and agreeing to our “rules of engagement”,
  2. the apartment profile and photographs are reviewed in Barcelona and uploaded unto the site,
  3. the owner is provided with a user name, password and instructions on how to update the calendar,
  4. the apartment is listed.

The added value of working with us:

  1. European customer base - we are a European based company
  2. Convenience - handling the relationship and communications with the guest pertaining to the bookings and stay
  3. Business knowledge- experience in the industry for over 9 years
  4. Focus on lasting relationships - we aim to maintain a loyal base of apartment owners/lessors (our staff will also aim to book your apartment to responsible adults)
  5. Listing your apartment on the Web site is free - the company does not require or expect exclusivity
  6. Our portal allows owners to manage their own apartment availability at their convenience, by logging in and blocking or releasing dates as needed

For further information please contact at:
Telephone: +1 866 514 4332 (New York/ USA)