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Welcome to our website www.apartments-in-new-york.com!

Our company, Glasaja S.L., has been operating in Europe since 2000 and in New York City since 2008.

Glasaja S.L. is a family company comprised of Jakob, Gláucia and Saskia (parents and daughter respectively). How did we come up with such a peculiar company name? By adding the first two letters of each family member: GLA SA JA. Even though we have been expanding considerably over the years, we remain a family company very dedicated to our customers.

Barcelona has been our base city since the beginning and was the inspiration for our first short-term apartment rental web page: www.citysiesta.com. Within two years we added Sevilla to the site. Both cities are fabulous and have much to offer its visitors. We do not exclude adding more Spanish cities in the near future.

Then, in 2004, whilst attending the UEFA Football Championship in Lisbon, we fell in love with this marvelous city. We found dedicated people to represent us, like Verginia and her son Mauro and created our second web site: www.lisbon-apartments.com. Over the years it has become one of the leading short term rental agencies of this city.

And so, how did we end up offering apartments for short term rent in Manhattan, New York City? This could only be made possible through our long-term friend Jorge. His enthousiasm over this cosmopolitan city rubbed off on us and we decided to undertake the next adventure, our third site: www.apartments-in-new-york.com. Jorge is our partner and representative on the spot.

Although we are present in different cities, the business is still very family oriented. Each apartment is selected personally with a lot of care. We meet with every owner, make sure each accommodation is suitable for our rental business and take our own photos to make sure they protray the reality of the apartment. We want our clients to feel they have a home away from home when choosing our apartments!

By being there for you 24 hours-a-day, we want you know that to feel secure during your vacation. From the beginning until the end we will be there to give you the personal attention you deserve!

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Big Apple!

Jakob Mastenbroek
Gláucia de Almeida
Saskia Zweerts-Mastenbroek

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